[STREET LEVEL] President-Elect Trump Reactions: Hypocrisy, Depression, Reflection & Hope

The United States is reeling from a divisive presidential election. How are you reacting to the election of Donald Trump and what are your hopes and/or fears for the future?

street-level-morgan-d_md_larchmont_december-2016“I think there’s a lot of hypocrisy because 46% of the country didn’t vote and now they’re protesting. Hopefully [Trump’s] foreign policy isn’t terrible, but he’s a business man so I think he’ll be good for the economy. I’m not a Trump supporter, but I’ll give him a chance.”

– Morgan D., outside Diptyque 

street-level-nancy-h_md_larchmont_december-2016“I’m incredibly depressed by the result and have no idea what’s going to happen.”

Nancy H., outside Bluemercury

street-level-peter-k_md_larchmont_december-2016“I’ve decided to take an absolute total break from any news on social media. I’ve decided to get back in touch with my own values. I’m trying to figure out what good I can do in this horrible moment.”

– Peter K., outside Hardwear 

street-level-miariam-g_md_larchmont_december-2016“I’m disappointed, but not fully surprised. I hope he’ll do well, if only for the sake of the country.”

– Miariam G., outside Larchmont Barbershop 

street-level-michael-h_md_larchmont_december-2016“I think the Democratic Party lost because there was too much facing Clinton…Bernie Sanders was the clear popular winner, but they rigged the primary.”

– Michael H., outside Landis General Store 

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