[STREET LEVEL] Garcetti a Shoo-In? Some Undecided

Mayor Eric Garcetti is up for re-election March 7th. Do you plan on voting in the election, and if Garcetti is re-elected will you be disappointed if he runs for governor or senator in 2018, potentially not fulfilling his term?

“I wouldn’t be disappointed because I think he’s been a great mayor.”

Paula R., outside Public Parking Lot 694 on Larchmont

“Yes, I plan on voting. If he wins, I hope he’ll focus on the city and not his own ambitions.”

– Anne H., outside Public Parking Lot 694 on Larchmont Boulevard. 

“I do plan on voting. I don’t think I’d be disappointed, but I think he’s done a good job as a mayor. I’d need to do more research if he seeks higher office.”

– Lucas H., outside Bluemercury on Larchmont 

“I’m not yet sure. I’m new to the city, so I need to check out the mayoral candidates’ positions, but I do plan on voting.”

– Paul R., outside Lipson Plumbing on Larchmont 

“I think I will be voting for him. I feel like he’s done a good job and would have a good team for those higher offices. However, I need more info on him, as I’m more of a ballot propositions-focused person.” – Valerie K., outside Bardonna on Larchmont

“That’s tough. I’m torn. When he was first elected, it was a big deal, but he’s kind of faded. I’d have to see who else would run for those positions.” – Mike M., outside Sam’s Bagels on Larchmont

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