[STREET LEVEL] Forgot to Vote? So Did Over 1.6 Million Others

On March 7th, Los Angeles voted for mayor, city councilmembers and several important ballot measures. However, according to final results from the Los Angeles County Registrar, only 20% of registered voters in the city of Los Angeles participated in the election. Did you vote, and why do you think the turnout was so low?

“Robin and I both voted, but I think more people want to complain than take ownership.”

– Max H., outside Chevalier’s Books on Larchmont Boulevard. 

“I think the publicity around local elections is so lacking the people aren’t informed and don’t vote.”

Robin J., outside Chevalier’s Books on Larchmont Boulevard. 

“I did vote and when I went to the polling place at 2 p.m., I asked and they said there had been 45 people all day. I think it’s just hard to get people interested in local elections, even though there was important stuff on the ballot.”

– Thomas L., outside Landis Labyrinth on Larchmont Boulevard. 

“I did vote and I don’t really know why the turnout was so low.”

– Michael D., outside Landis Labyrinth on Larchmont Boulevard. 

“I didn’t vote and I have a deep guilt about it. I had lots of extreme things happen and was exhausted and I feel bad about it. Life happens and in general voting isn’t exciting and non-presidential elections particularly don’t excite people. In presidential elections, it’s easier to take ideological sides, but local elections are more nuanced and require more research to form an opinion and people don’t like to do that work.”

– Rose H., outside Larchmont Barber Shop on Larchmont Boulevard.

“In all honesty, I didn’t but I meant to. Lots of people I know are discouraged and I feel like they feel apathetic about how much their vote will do.”

– Annette D., outside Hardwear on Larchmont Boulevard.

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