[STREET LEVEL] Father’s Day Is Coming Up, So What Are Your Favorite Father’s Day Memories?

“My dad, my brothers and I used to go to the horse races on Father’s Day.”

– Patrick H., outside Lipson Plumbing on Larchmont Boulevard. 

“Two things come to mind. I unfortunately don’t have memories of my own father, but I have some with my husband and son. A few years ago, we all went out on Father’s Day in matching blue linen alligator print shirts which was very funny. Last year, we went to dinner at Osteria Mamma not far from here and there was a strange missile launch. We didn’t go back for a few months, but when we did my son said, ‘This is where we saw the weird lights.’ It was one of those ‘my son is a genius’ moments.” – Caitlyn D., outside Bluemercury on Larchmont Boulevard.

“We used to go to a little diner in my hometown every Father’s Day, so that’s a nice vivid memory.”

– Ben H., outside Bluemercury on Larchmont.

“I remember waking up really early on vacation in Greece to eat fruits off the trees, mostly apricots. This was when I was 5. He’d lift me up on the wall and I’d grab the fruit.” – Katherine C., outside Diptyque on Larchmont Boulevard.

“I guess the one that sticks out is in 6th grade when I took shop class. I made a sign that said ‘Number One Dad.’ He hung it in his office and it’s still there.” – Sam C., outside Diptyque on Larchmont Boulevard.

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