[SAINT BRENDAN] Honoring Our Veterans

Lila Voci, 8th grade

Saint Brendan’s Veteran’s Day assembly took place on November 8th. Our scouts held a flag ceremony. Veterans who are grandparents, fathers, and friends of our students came to share their experiences with us along with the husband of our third grade teacher, Mrs. Sanders.

Mr. Julian “Bud” Rice, a 97-year-old veteran of World War II and guest speaker at the assembly, was escorted by his son, SBS Varsity basketball coach, Coach Mark Rice. Bud was a pilot in the Army Air Corps where he flew over 700 missions evacuating wounded and dead soldiers, dropping supplies and undertaking reconnaissance missions. Mr. Rice dropped paratroopers into Normandy on D-Day. In 2008, he wrote an article about his experiences. At the assembly, he spoke about his experiences and patriotism to our country.

We were also honored to have Mr. Liston, grandfather of Saint Brendan students Jack and Van Liston. He is a World War II veteran who joined the Royal Air Force in England in 1943 as a radio navigator. He served in a bomber squadron until the war ended in 1945. On D-Day, he flew surveillance over the English Channel. When the war ended, he immigrated to America.

We appreciate their service.

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