[SAINT BRENDAN] Ending First Quarter on a Good Note

Lila Voci, 8th grade

As the end of the quarter approaches, Saint Brendan students are working hard to end the first quarter of the school year on a good note. On October 6th, Saint Brendan held its first Movie Night of the year. Students brought their favorite pillow and blanket and settled in the gym for a night of relaxation and fun.

 Friday, October 20th we celebrated Crazy Day in honor of Nick Fagnano, a former student at SBS who passed away in 2014. Nick’s parents, Jay and Mary Fagnano, carry on Nick’s legacy with the Thrive in Joy foundation. Each Crazy Day students wear colorful hats, socks and all sorts of fun accessories to help support the Thrive in Joy foundation which supports children in the Dominican Republic.

As Halloween approaches us, the eighth graders are preparing our annual Halloween plays and dances. Students are making creative costumes for the Halloween parade. Us bears definitely have Halloween spirit!

In the upcoming month, the eighth-grade class will be attending a mass and dinner party held at the house of an eighth-grader John Rissier. Monsignor Terry Fleming will be saying the mass, and students and their families will hold a dinner party gathering.

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