Ryu Seeks Campaign Donation Reform

David Ryu

Citing an ongoing trend of low voter turnout, possibly due to mistrust and malaise, a series of Los Angeles campaign finance reform proposals are currently being studied by the city, after three councilmembers, including local representative David Ryu, presented a motion in January for such possible sweeping change.

The motion, which included six possible changes, includes banning developer campaign contributions to city elected officials and candidates from developers and their principals with projects currently or recently before the city.

The motion comes just weeks before the March primary election where eight council seats are being contested and Mayor Eric Garcetti is up for reelection.

The motion follows a October 2016 Los Angeles Times article that reported the approval of a controversial development in the Harbor Gateway area after city officials received more than $600,000 in donations from the developer and his associates.

“The best way to restore trust in government is to avoid even the appearance of a conflict,” Ryu said in the statement. “By introducing sweeping reforms, we will work to restore Angelenos’ faith in the city’s ability to fairly review and approve major development projects.  We need a campaign finance system that limits the influence of big-pocketed developers and instead empowers thousands of small donors to have their voices heard.”

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