[REAL ESTATE] Lafayette Square Still Popular

There were 59 single-family homes sold in our coverage area this July, down about a quarter from June sales, according to data from Core Logic, a real estate analysis firm out of La Jolla, CA.

Local condo sales were also down, by about half from June, with a total of 15 sold locally in July.

The ever-popular Lafayette Square saw 27 home sales in its 90019 ZIP code, at a median price of $980,000 up about 3% from July 2016. No condos sold in the area.

Hancock Park’s 90004 ZIP code also did well, with 23 homes sold in the 90004 ZIP code. The median price for the area was down about 20% from the same time last year to $970,000. Condo prices for the area were up, however, by nearly a quarter to a median price of $705,000 for the two sold.

La Brea-Wilshire saw seven single-family home sales in July. The 90036 ZIP code saw an increase in median price of just over 4% from last July to $1.65 million. Five condos sold in the area for a median price of $605,000—about a quarter jump in median condo price for the neighborhood from the previous year.

Two homes sold this July in Hancock Park’s 90020 ZIP code for a median price of $2.975 million — an increase of just under a percent from the previous year. Meanwhile, eight condos sold in the same ZIP for a median price of $609,000, about 45% higher than last year’s median for the same area.

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