‘Gotcha!’ Journalism: A Local Pokemon Go Field Guide

Between the Original Farmer's Market and the Grove, there are 11 Pokestops.

Between the Original Farmer’s Market and the Grove, there are 11 Pokestops.

Pokémon Go is the summer’s hottest video game, with people heading out into the world to catch the 151 original Pokémon from Nintendo’s 20-year old multi-media franchise.

In Pokémon Go, players must travel around their neighborhood to catch virtual monsters and visit real life locations that serve as in-game gyms where players can battle or as Pokéstops stock up on virtual items

According to the games developer, Niantic Labs, “PokéStops and Gyms in Pokémon Go are found at publicly accessible places such as historical markers, public art installations, museums and monuments.”

Here is a field guide to Pokémon Go locations in and around Larchmont.

The Original Farmers Market & the Grove Combined, these two shopping complexes have 11 Pokéstops including the Farmers Market’s iconic clock tower. The Grove has two gyms located right next to the mall’s central pond, both of which are constantly being fought over by Pokémon Go’s three rival factions. “Eevees,” “Venonats,” “Meowths” and Pikachus can be found around the Grove while the Farmers Market is the home of “Parases,” “Rattatas” and “Pidgeys” who are presumably trying to steal tourists’ foods.

Hancock Park, La Brea Tar Pits & LACMA There are an incredible 20 Pokéstops around Hancock Park, including all of the sculptures of prehistoric animals like the giant ground sloth. Hancock Park’s two most photographed locations–the La Brea Tar Pits and Chris Burden’s Urban Light sculpture outside of LACMA–are both gyms. Fittingly, the area around the Tar Pits is a habitat for the adorable Pokémon “Charmander.” It’s next to impossible to spend 10 minutes in the park without finding at least five “Charmanders.” Other fire types like “Growlithe” and “Ponyta” can be found here, as well as the rocky “Geodudes.” Additionally, the Craft And Folk Art Museum across the street from the Tar Pits is also a Pokéstop.

The Line Hotel D*Face’s mural Look Into My Eyes on the westside of the hip Koreatown hotel is a Pokéstop, as is the Metro purple line station across the street. Shepard Fairey’s Peace Tree mural on the east face of the hotel is a highly contested gym. “Sandshrews” are common in the area and on rare occasions you might encounter a “Jolteon” or “Hitmonlee.”

Shatto Recreation Center This small park on the eastern edge of Koreatown has a Pokéstop and is a den for “Drowzees,” who will often show up in pairs. “Mankeys” and “Ekanses” can also be found there.

Lafayette Park Recreation Center It makes sense that this dusty, hilly location would be home to “Geodudes” and “Vulpixes,” but the real surprise is that this is one of the few places in Los Angeles to find the bizarre ice and psychic type “Jynx.” There are seven Pokéstops scattered around the park, plus a gym next to the statue of General Lafayette.

Yeah. If you understood all of that and you are older than 20 years in age, Godspeed.

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