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Kathleen Wakefield (right), of Into The Light Organizing Service, works with client, Alexis Hall, to design an organized kitchen and storage system.
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As long as we are saying hello to a new year, what better way to get a fresh start than to organize your home and office? Whether clutter gathers in closets, drawers, the garage or out in the open, most of us reach a point where we can no longer look the other way.

“People call when there’s a crisis and something is bugging them,” said Kathleen Wakefield, professional organizer and owner of Into the Light Organizing Service.

The process of digging through it all can be daunting. When “I’m going to get to that” becomes a constant guilt trigger, you may need an outside perspective.

Wakefield works one-on-one with clients to conquer these vital projects by breaking the process down into manageable steps.

“They see the big group of things that they don’t want, but they don’t know what each item is,” said Wakefield. “As we pick through, we choose one thing to focus on, then move on to another thing. Over time, clients realize it gets easier to let go of things.”

Once pared down, Wakefield works with clients to organize their treasures into user-friendly systems and design an environment that fits with their personality, habits and lifestyle.

Real estate agent Alexis Hall said she has called upon Wakefield to help out during crucial transition periods of her life, such as moving into a new home or office.

“When I first met Kathleen I had stacks of papers and I was always losing my keys,” said Hall. “Basically she helped me define my systems and habits so the whole organization process for my house and office is intuitive to me.”

After more than 10 years of working with Wakefield on projects from renovating her kitchen to organizing her child’s room, many of the systems are still in place.

“I think there is a beauty to having things organized and it can look aesthetically pleasing as well,” said Hall.

Working with an outside person to separate yourself from your items, said Wakefield, is something that may be better than trying to do it yourself.

Wakefield honed her organizing skills growing up in a family heavily influenced by the Great Depression.

“My parents tried to keep everything nice, but never had the space for it,” says Wakefield.

After 15 years in business, Wakefield said that one of the most rewarding aspects of her work has been seeing the positive impact that getting organized has had on her clients.

“People feel lightened and a more calm and relaxed person emerges without pieces of memories surrounding them,” says Wakefield.

Through the process of organization, Into the Light has helped many to rediscover items of value, release what is obsolete in their lives, and reenergize their space.

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