[OUR BREAD AND BUTTER] Page Academy Hancock Park: A Strong History of Educational Excellence

Page Academy focuses on enriching students’ lives. Updated learning centers and an accelerative learning program provide an engaging environment where young learners flourish. Photo Credit: Kimberly Gomez

Occupying the better part of an entire block, it seems as if Page Academy has always been a familiar presence on North Larchmont Boulevard. The independent co-educational school is the Hancock campus in the Page Academy network of schools that were founded in 1908.

It’s longevity and long-standing excellence is reflected in the generations who have been educated there.

“Our philosophy is growth with honor,” said Pat Klindworth, who is the director at Page Academy-Hancock Park. “We focus on enriching students’ lives. Our curriculum challenges our children and our after-school programs offer all kinds of choices.”

Backed by over 35 years experience in early childhood education—28 of which have been with Page Academy schools—Klindworth is overseeing the implementation of their accelerative learning program, which is designed to ensure the greatest number of successful learners.

Creative new approaches, computer science and world languages are introduced early for the students, while the arts, communication, and critical thinking engage young learners throughout their time at Page Academy.

“The faculty here at Hancock Park are extremely dedicated,” said Klindworth. “Our staff are caring, hard-working people and true educators who work together to enhance the school.”

Beyond Page Academy’s hacienda-style entrance, the campus flourishes with multiple play yards surrounded by corridors of classrooms. The expansive playgrounds give children room to explore and even tend to their class gardens.

The Page Academy Hancock Park campus currently offers open enrollment to children in pre-school through the fourth grade, but starting next year, the school will add a grade level a year culminating with the 8th grade.

Although the school is growing, it will continue to maintain a commitment to smaller class sizes.

Stability and longevity, said Klindworth, have contributed to Page Academy’s ability to invest in its future. Updates are ongoing in the learning centers where instruction in sciences, arts and technology begin in the pre-school.

“We’ve been around so long our students always come back and visit,” said Hana Lee, a 2001 Page Academy alumni who returned to teach at her alma mater and is now an administrator. “And parents tell us, ‘Our kids were so well-prepared when they were here.’”

Mary Piliaris of Valley Village was willing to go the distance, quite literally, for something different for her first grade daughter and fourth grade son.

“My son was really shy when we came here, and now he’s the president of the school,” said Piliaris who feels Page’s essential sense of community has brought out the best in her children. “They go above and beyond here and it has changed my son’s life.”

“I feel the environment here is very individualized,” said Janet Romero, who has been teaching language arts and math to second through fourth graders since 1992.

“We work closely with students and our teachers and parents are all involved to bring out a student’s strengths.”

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