[OUR BREAD AND BUTTER] Communication Is Key to Success for Realtor Eileen Lanza

Larchmont realtor, Eileen Lanza, puts clients and communications first in her real estate business. Photo by Kimberly Gomez

Real estate is a people business where attitudes and communication skills can make a difference. Perhaps no one knows this better than realtor and real estate investor, Eileen Lanza, who has been helping Los Angeles buyers and sellers negotiate transactions for over 13 years.

Lanza has structured her business as a compact media company. She oversees up-to-the-minute marketing via social media, and coordinating the best photography for the properties she represents.

In addition, her website offers many resources to keep clients up to date on real estate trends.

“I try to keep [my blog] authentic and simple: ‘This is what I like and what I’m seeing out there,’” said Lanza.

One of Lanza’s areas of expertise is the benefit of owning an income property. Her experience goes back to 2000 when she purchased her first duplex in Larchmont.

“I feel like when clients come to me, they don’t know that they might want investment property,” said Lanza. “I can show them the value and the ins and outs of having renters.”

Lanza said she builds a one-on-one rapport with her clients from the start by actively listening to their needs and questions.

“I try to look for where they are flexible and see how best to work with them, said Lanza. “I think our initial consultation tells both parties if we are a good fit.”

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum, who has worked with Lanza to both buy and sell properties in the Larchmont and Hancock Park neighborhoods, said Lanza brings a sense of perspective and humor that makes a potentially stressful situation more manageable.

“Eileen’s really up front and direct and she makes people want to work with her, said Shun-lein Bynum. “Our deal went more smoothly because she doesn’t raise other people’s hackles.”

Lanza agreed that egos are best left outside of the negotiating process.

“Real estate is trust,” said Lanza, “I will always do what’s right for the buyer and seller.”

Contact Eileen Lanza and read her blog at eileenlanza.com

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