allison b cohenGiven the city has passed a new mobility plan encouraging everyone to take public transit or ride a bike whenever possible, the Larchmont Ledger will have “Ride Your Bike to Work” day, Tues. Sept. 8th. We’ll let you know how it goes.

It’s always amazing for me to learn of the accomplished people we have in our midst. Mary Nichols is a long time Hancock Park resident, but did you know she is the chair of the California Air Resource Board and will be on hand with Gov. Jerry Brown later this year at the UN Climate Change conference in Paris?

I witnessed community engagement at its finest this last month at a recent Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council meeting. Residents of a Gramercy Place apartment building convinced the council to reverse an earlier decision when they blessed a Verizon wireless cell site with antennas on the roof of their building.

The residents made a passionate speech during public comment at the GWNC’s meeting about not knowing of Verizon’s plans and being unaware they could fight against it. They said they didn’t know about the local neighborhood council and certainly would have spoken out earlier if they had.

After a few minutes of discussion amongst the board about the difficulty— parliamentary procedure-wise—of changing their position, the board eventually did. But they did so only with a friendly suggestion the residents consider getting involved with the GWNC on one of its many committees or possibly even a seat on the board some day. Everyone went home happy.

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