allison b cohenIf it’s soon to be October, that means it’s time for the Larchmont Family Fair. I can’t count the years I have attended this wonderful event.

My fondest memory is taking my children—who are now in college—and capturing a photograph of them riding the fair’s Ferris Wheel: one in an elaborate and very hot “dinosaur” get-up and the other, a pragmatic Pittsburgh Pirates baseball uniform, smiling happily.

Larchmont has what many neighborhoods want: a strong community that is fiercely loyal and active. While I hope the weather cools—but that El Nino waits—the fair is a wonderful place to stroll the boulevard and learn about our neighborhood’s non-profits and schools.

I was really taken when interviewing former Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo for this month’s edition regarding his Windsor Village home that was gutted in an early morning fire in 2013 while he and his family were sleeping. He said repeatedly, his and his family’s lives were saved only because the home’s smoke alarms were working.

On Nov. 1st, we will set our clocks back signaling the end of Daylight Savings Time. When you do, please check your home’s smoke alarm batteries too.

We also had some fun this month detailing so-called “ghost stories” of neighborhood locales. According to our researcher and writer Michael Darling, the ghost of Mae West may be lurking nearby, and such apparitions have been reported at local favorites: LACMA, The Original Farmer Market and Tom Bergin’s.

Finally, we have a feature this month on what is believed to be the last residence on Wilshire Boulevard. Times may have changed along Los Angeles’ famed Miracle Mile, but this house is still standing.

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