[layfayette square] The Williams’ Sound of Music

The Williams Family. Photo: Gina Walker Photography

The Williams Family. Photo: Gina Walker Photography


When New York actors Keith and Dionne Williams started house shopping in Los Angeles, Dionne set her sights on the Melrose area.

But when Keith finally convinced Dionne to take a look at Lafayette Square, she immediately experienced the peacefulness of this little oasis.

In 2002, Keith and Dionne purchased a home in the Square, built in 1937, that was in need of a major facelift. At that time, they had a son, Owen, 8, and their baby daughter Mae-Lea.

Before they could finish renovations, daughter Ruby joined the fold in 2004.

As a New Yorker, Dionne first interpreted the friendliness of her Square neighbors as “nosiness,” but she soon realized it was actual kindness and concern.

One of the most remarkable things about the Williams household is the pure joy that emanates from it. Dionne tells me they occasionally have a running opera, where everyone sings to each other all day and night.

Both of their daughters are exuberant and talented singers, and brother Owen plays bass.

Keith can been seen on the TV show “Community’ and is currently narrating the Ken Burns’ documentary about Jackie Robinson.

Dionne, who has written and performed cabaret shows and a radio show is now developing a TV show. Stay tuned.


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