[KEEN TO BE GREEN] Wrapping Up the Year

Meher McArthur

The end of the year is a time of much wrapping and unwrapping. During this season of giving and reflecting, it is particularly important to reduce our environmental impact. Many of us take care with our gift wrap, avoiding metallic or glitter-covered wrapping paper that cannot be recycled, using gift bags or cloths to wrap up gifts. But this is only the tip of the wrapping iceberg.

The Holidays generate lots of leftover food, which we can be tempted to wrap in cling film or aluminum foil to save for later. I recently discovered Etee food wraps (www.shopetee.com), which are helping me reduce plastic and aluminum kitchen waste. These cotton cloths coated in beeswax, tree resin and essential oils are a bit pricey at first, but they last for months. They wrap around produce, sandwiches and bowls to seal and protect food, and when they finally wear out, they are biodegradable.

As the temperature drops, we can wrap ourselves up too. In Los Angeles, many of us go around in shorts and flip flops in December and then turn on the heat at the slightest chill, but surely we can pull out a sweater or blanket instead of wasting our precious energy resources!

Finally, the Holidays are a good time to consider all of the environmental and other non-profits that have worked extra hard in 2017. Sending a donation, either from yourself or as a gift for a loved one, is a great way to end the year—and it doesn’t have to be wrapped!

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