[IMMACULATE HEART MIDDLE SCHOOL] Bringing Holiday Cheer to Skid Row

Stella Lissak, 8th grade

Adopt-A-Family is a great program whose mission is to provide families in the downtown Los Angeles and Skid Row areas with a magical Christmas. Immaculate Heart Middle School has paired with this organization for over 10 years.

Each year, our school has a food drive to provide many essential items to families who are less fortunate.

During the food drive, items are collected in our homerooms. Each student is asked to bring in at least five items. The drive lasts for a month, collecting canned meats, soaps, toothbrushes, cereal, and boxed jello. Boxed jello might seem like an odd thing to need, but it is easy for families who do not have access to a full kitchen to make. Last year, our school managed to fill an entire truckload!

To assist with the drives all around the city, the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels hosts a delivery day. This year, it is on Saturday, December 16th. Volunteers get to wake up early and share hot chocolate and other yummy pastries before the event starts at the downtown Cathedral. This is also a great time to engage with the Los Angeles community!

After a short prayer service, volunteers collect gifts, food, and toiletries in their cars. Then, they drive around the city, delivering packages to the homes of the families. Last year when I did this, I was almost brought to tears by the five-member family living in a two-room apartment. But my heart was lifted when I saw the pure joy on their faces as we delivered the presents.

Participation in community service projects plays an important role in Immaculate Heart’s identity. These types of opportunities build a young woman’s character as she gives back to her community.

To learn more about Immaculate Heart, you can attend our upcoming Open Houses! The Open House for the middle school is Saturday, December 2nd, at 1 p.m., while the Open House for the high school is Sunday, December 3rd, at the same time. Please feel free to join us!

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