[HOLLYWOOD SCHOOLHOUSE] Mummification and Place Out of Time

Lane S. Lee

Wintertime at Hollywood Schoolhouse always brings new entertainment for all. For instance, the Winter Show is an event that showcases an assortment of songs that relate to holidays near the winter season, such as, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and the Lunar New Year. Personally, I enjoy this event because it displays many celebrations from all around the world.

Science and History are some of the most enjoyable academic subjects we have at our school. One of the most anticipated projects this school year has been our mummification and frog dissection assignment. What better way to learn about the Ancient Egyptians and the ways of mummification than experiencing it for yourself?

Recently, the sixth grade class has taken our first steps with Place Out Of Time. Place Out Of Time is an online classroom experience provided by the University of Michigan. The animating idea of Place Out Of Time is, “What if the wisdom of history could be brought to bear on a problem of our day?”

The Place Out Of Time website is a space where great women and men from across the range of human history, as well as contemporary characters, gather to decide the outcome of a trial that is linked to a controversial issue of our day. How do these figures appear? They are portrayed by students—ours, and our university mentors at the University of Michigan. I am hoping to portray Hercule Poirot, Richie Tozier, or Chandler Bing. I will know for sure by my next article, so stay tuned!

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