[CRIME BLOTTER] Wilshire & Olympic Division Crime Stats

Crime-Blotter-Generic-Image-590x393The Ledger’s coverage area is served by two different divisions of the Los Angeles Police Dept. According to statistics from mid-December through January 16, violent crime for the Wilshire Division is up 7% compared to the same time last year. Amongst categories for violent crime, robbery was the most reported for the latest reporting period with seven. Aggravated assaults followed with 13. Wilshire also reported one rape.

Also Wilshire reports recent property crimes were down compared to last year, 25%. Of those property crimes, there were 65 burglaries from cars up (up 8% compared to last year). All other property crimes were down from last year, specifically: 45 reports of personal theft, 28 burglaries from properties and 15 instances of thefts from cars.

Finally, Wilshire reported arrests for the time period were up 6.3% overall for both violent and property crimes.

According to statistics from the LAPD’s Olympic division, there was a 50% increase in robberies from mid-December though January 16, with a total of 36 incidences. However, Olympic reports all violent crime is down 13% compared to the same time last year with fewer rapes—zero compared to nine last year—and reported aggravated assaults—16 current compared to 28.

Additionally, the Olympic Division reported overall property crime is down 3% compared to the same time last year, even though car burglaries were up 50% (84 incidences compared to 55) and car thefts increased 12% (27 occurrences compared to 24).

Olympic also reports arrests were down 23% for the reporting period: 232 for the same time period last year compared to 178.

Read the LAPD’s recent explanation for the rise in crime in 2015 here.

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