[CITIZENS OF THE WORLD] A Dance to Remember

Quinton Palmer, 5th grade

When I arrived at Hollywood American Legion Post 43 on Friday, June 9th, I knew it was going to be a fun evening. That was the night of Citizens of the World Hollywood’s Fifth Grade Dance.

It was supposed to be a graduation party, but ended up as a wild blowout celebration. Kids danced and danced (and dabbed)!

The Hollywood American Legion hall is a post-World War II meeting building, built in 1919. The party was downstairs in an old ballroom. And the refreshments were a hit.

“I really liked the food,” said classmate Elijah Small. Pizza and a huge cake awaited hungry partygoers. Drinks were named after teachers at our school: “The Mrs. Berman Special,” named for our principal, was a favorite. I had five Shirley Temples myself!

The fun seemed never-ending. A great DJ, limbo, and a photo booth kept students entertained throughout the night.

“My favorite part was the dancing,” said classmate Lucas Acosta. Yeah. No kidding. The crowd went wild at some points, like during the song “YMCA” near the end of the evening.

“I really enjoyed dancing with everybody” said classmate Charlotte Adelman.

The dance floor was packed all night … except …

“I danced to everything, but when the slow dance came on, us girls went to the bar,” said classmate Ella Malou Langenegger.

Our principal organized and oversaw the event, with a group of parent volunteers.

The dance was a great way to end the school year and our years at Citizens. It’s something I won’t soon forget.

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