[A DOG’S LIFE] Holiday Giving: Presents for your Pooch

Reba Mug ShotWith the holidays swiftly approaching, a slew of new pet toys and treats have hit the market. There’s something sure to please every type of dog.

For the Athletic Dog: The Dog-Treat Launcher will send small bites soaring for your dog to fetch, $10 at the Container Store. 

For the Dog That Loves to Walk: The McFly Puffer vest is inspired by the movie Back to the Future. Fido won’t be able to time travel in it, but he will definitely stay snug, $25 at campcloon.com. An illuminated Dog Leash will make sure everyone can see who is at the other end of your tether, $25 at fancy.com. El Niño is coming and your dog can be prepared with her own slicker, in vibrant colors, $45 at caninestyles.com. 

For the Dapper Dog: A Silly Buddy bowtie dog collar will make any day fancy, $45 at etsy.com. 

For the Runaway Dog: Keep track of your dog at all times with the GPS dog tracker from Tagg, $59.95 at amazon.com.

For the Spoiled Dog: Once a month, Bark Box will send out a personalized package of treats and toys for your dog depending on its size, starting at $19 per month at barkbox.com.

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